Version 0.012 Changelog - First Person Forest, Continuous Mode, and Bug Fixes

This is a pretty big update. The most notable change is the 3D world you can walk around in, now.  I've never used for dev logs so you'll have to excuse me while I try to figure out what the heck I'm doing.

Previous dev logs can be found at

Version numbers don't indicate feature completeness or stability.  They are only a build number.  0.012, for example, is build version 12.  I actually create many builds with the same version number, but only after extensive testing do I upload the build here and move on to the next version.


Version 0.012 First Person Forest, Continuous Mode, and Bug Fixes

  • Downgraded to 2017.4 from 2018.2 for better backwards compatibility and Long Term Support

Features added

  •  Added Continuous Mode 
  • Made Forest a 3d world you can walk around in 
  • Added skybox to forest scene 
  • Added subtle walking, jumping, and landing sounds in fpv
  • Forest button works even when timer is active; timer becomes paused and timer count is remembered 
  • habitica API User ID and Token is now saved to disk in a binary format for better security 
  • "Remember me" is default on

Fixed Bugs 

  • Fixed Tree Sprite slices 
  • Fixed forest to fit screen better 
  • Fixed history button covering up some of the history text 
  • Fixed Session count on settings page not updating when next was pressed 
  • Fixed login data gets forgotten when switching to forest scene, when "remember me" is unchecked 
  • Fixed toggling habitica syncing says syncing is turned off when syncing was never turned on 
  • Fixed habitica syncing doesn't always disconnect the first time
  •  Fixed Connect button issues -Fixed Error messages only sometimes display 
  • Fixed Offline syncing was forgetting batch count on program close


ProductiveGame 2-Trees Play in browser
Aug 30, 2018
ProductiveGame 2 - Trees-0.012 17 MB
Aug 31, 2018
ProductiveGame 2 - Trees-0.012 - - No Tray Icon 13 MB
Aug 31, 2018
ProductiveGame2-Trees-0.012-Linux-32bit.tar.gz 18 MB
Aug 31, 2018

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